Copy Outgoing Email on a cPanel Server with Exim

First, go to WHM > Exim Configuration Editor, then click “Advanced Editor” at the bottom. Don’t make any changes, just click “save”. This should create a file on the server called /etc/exim.conf.local. From command line as root, you’ll need to edit /etc/exim.conf.local and add some options to the @CONFIG@ and @TRANSPORTSTART@ sections. The end result would look like this (plus any edits you may have already made):



system_filter_directory_transport = local_copy_outgoing












driver = appendfile
group = cpaneleximfilter
user = cpaneleximfilter
mode = 0660
maildir_format = true
create_directory = true

Now, make a copy of the existing system filter file to a custom location, so cPanel updates don’t mess with it:

cp /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom

Edit /etc/exim.conf.localopts and change the “systemfilter” option to match our new file:


Now, open /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom and add the following block of code to the end of the file:

if $header_from: contains ""
unseen deliver "other@emailaddress"

Replace the blue text with the sender domain (or email address) and the email address that outgoing mail should be copied to.

Apply these new settings to the exim.conf and restart:

service exim restart

Now when you send email from the email address or domain specified in the filter file, it will be copied to the other email address.


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