Outlook express settings

1) In Microsoft Outlook Express, select Tools > Accounts.
2) Select the “Mail” tab in the Internet Accounts window and click “Add.”
3) Enter you full name and click Next.
4) Enter your e-mail address and click Next. “user@domain.com”
5)  On the E-mail Server Names window, enter your information as follows:

My incoming mail server is a
POP3 server
Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

Click Next.
6) Enter your e-mail address “@”for your account name and enter your password “”. Click Next.
7) Click Finish.
8) Select the mail account you just created and click “Properties.”
9) In the Properties window, select the Servers tab.
10) At the bottom of the window, select “My server requires authentication.”
11) Select the “Advanced” tab and Select “Leave a copy of message on server”.
Click Apply and Ok.
Then Try to send and receive the mails.

Please use SMTP port 26 If this fails use port 25 as most ISP’s do block ports usually.


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